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Keep your hard hat on!

If you’ve found your way here already, then welcome!

I’m Ruth, a foodie from way back, and currently living as a nomad with my husband and our dog. My husband and I live in a travel trailer, and it has a tiny, tiny kitchen. Having been on the road for two years, if you ask me what I miss the most, I’ll tell you “countertop space!”

While we’ve been traveling, I’ve taken my love for cooking, and learned how to make it work with little bitty kitchens! If you also live with a little kitchen, whether it’s in an RV or camper, a small apartment, a dorm room, or a hotel with kitchenette, then maybe this blog will be for you! I’ll be posting recipes that I’ve developed and adapted for tiny-kitchen life. Along the way, there’ll be some equipment reviews, tips & tricks, and some outdoor cooking recipes.

I’m working as fast as I can for a launch in Spring 2023. So stick around! We’ll be bringing big tastes to your little kitchen soon!